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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 12, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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are 5 times more likely to have alcohol problems when they're adults. so start talking before they start drinking. it is cool and crisp in toronto. this brat pack plans to do it top speed? the nhl, next. if you zoom in closely enough, you knew it would be a battle. exchanges come along with the rivalry. it is one part last second high drama, mixed with in your face super high heat. the life for dc in overtime. tonight in toronto, back to compliment, the leafs are unwelcome. this is canada. it is not outer space, on comcast sportsnet.
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dc had friday night fun can carolina. >> all of a sudden the jump start at the offense last night and a standing still to the roof , juicy rebound. a lot of guys double their
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pleasure. the caps have 23 multigoal games, so 9 better than anyone else in the national hockey league. tonight's game features an individual match up. when you consider we will see two of the most prolivic defense men. >> yes. mike green, and tomas kaberle, tremendous players. racking up points on a nightly base. you hit right on top of the hit. these two are on top of the charts. >> and green and kaberle with 22 and 7. and the nhl leader, mike green. he was a central figure last night. >> wow was he ever flying around last night. gets crushed. he was laying out guys all night long. that bad give away, that was his one negative of this game.
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giving that one away leaves him short-handed, but it pays off in overtime. watch this nice little snapshot t. green machine wept four over -- went four overtime. the big club will send interview interview to the -- michal neuvirth tonight. >> he had won his first two starts last february. now he lost the last two. he is really athletic atlantic too and very quick. he is an old man now at 21, but he broke in as one of the youngest in goalie history. >> 19 at the time. varlamov, neuvirth all 21.
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don't miss this one, toronto mapleleafs and washington capitals, from toronto, ahead.
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welcome home, man.
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>> joe: we are not even at the half way mark of this season, but this will be washington's last visit to the beautiful city of toronto as we come inside the air canada center. joe and greg with you. the last time these two teams met here, 65 minutes was not enough to declare a winner. it only added to washington's shoot out drama this fall. >> greg: the shoot out around the nhl, we will take a look at them, starting against the devils. nice little goalie here. past the goalie, down the caps. they took it, got one against nashville. ovechkin the game maker, then coming up big with a late save in a shoot-out. the new york islanders, big
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shoot out. and top shelf there, hallman, what a nice move. -- hagman. that a nice move. >> greg: stealing this one. >> joe: love them or hate them, more of them occurring nationwide. >> greg: so for, close to 18% decided by the shoot out, and the highest it has been since the shoot outs were start indeed the nhl. >> joe: both clubs tonight have their minds set on victory. help explain how they might get it done. >> greg: the caps have to mitt the lanes in full speed. have to be in control of the speed game. they have to score on the 2-1- 1's and the with 3 on 2 attacks. they need guys helping in front of the net and pk
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perfection. they have the worst penalty killing in the nhl. the best thing to solve that is not take penalties tonight. >> joe: and fleischmann's performs has been key. a willingness to barge the net has met up to the perimeter game. it all adds up to him being a threat against toronto. up next. the odds of this gentle lad winning the junior world golf championships at the age of 14? 1 in 16 million. the odds of that same boy then making it to the u.s. and european pro-golf tours? 1 in 7 million. the odds of the "big easy" winning the open championship once and the u.s. open championship twice? 1 in 780 million. the odds of this professional golfer having a child diagnosed with autism?
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1 in 150. ernie els encourages you to learn the signs of autism at early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference. >> greg: house lights are still down at air canada center.
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joe and greg with you. the boy in the white sweaters are going to be busy on the road. >> greg: a lot of road games coming, all out west, are joe, starring in colorado next tuesday. it would be good to get this four-game road trip off on the right trip with a win here tonight. >> joe: toronto picked up the shoot out victory. before we get this one started tonight, let's honor the nation of canada as actress, cynthia dale sings the national anthem. [ singing canadian anthem ] [ singing american anthem ]
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>> joe: cynthia dale. what a super job inside the air canada center tonight. washington, 20-6-6, trying to get back to better help. bruce boudreau not able to give him the game sweater tonight. >> greg: you can never have enough defenseman. that is the case with brian pothier with the rib injury. three coals, 5 assists and plus 11 in the last 16 games. his game was just rounding into form. >> joe: it has been a very busy
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day and tonight around the nhl. a dozen games will be completed before it is all said and done. alex ovechkin loves the big lights of toronto. right off the bat washington is off side. just 6 seconds do the contest. overdose trying to get into -- ovechkin trying to get into the loose pot. anchored by big free mow who plays up the middle. >> greg: they are digging out of the awful start.
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entertaining the washington capitals who start a 4 game road sweep. breaking it up into a couple of segments. heading home tonight. toward the goal. long lead there. >> greg: you can't cover the puck way out there. owe hall ran right off of the get go. take a look at the goal tending watch up. for the capitals, michal neuvirth gets his second start this season. 2-2-0 on his career.
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and vesa toskala here, who is supposed to be the number one guy for toronto. >> joe: the referee will have none of it here. gave him a little bit of the leash. told him to move it and he did not. >> greg: he should have went out and moved the puck with his stick rather than diving on the puck. you cannot do that. good call by the referee here tonight. if you go by those numbers at the bottom of the screen [ inaudible ] the capitals in the first two meetings with toronto, just 1-7. green was the game winner here an evening ago. green sliding between defenders. and one power play all right sometimes, but this has allowed 2 power play goals or more in four of the last five games. he and white hoisted back into
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their enneighborhood. >> joe: rob wilson to change the penalty kill hes, the former -- capitals coach. not able to get around him. 2 minute mark of the scoreless first so far. and ovechkin scores! a rocket from the great 8. that is goal number 21 for alex ovechkin, as the game starts with the nhl. tied with the scoring lead. bad early penalty bigoses and the caps -- dish toskala, the goal-tender often has to be the best penalty killer and toskala actually has to stop this one, joe. he should have been out further in the crease.
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that one goes through him and short sides ovechkin, nets his 21st. >> joe: i had the feeling you would not like the angle from which that one went in. >> greg: correct. >> joe: and ovechkin gets 2 minutes even with a goal. washington has the advantage. they have had 1st periods unlike their normal performance this fall. >> greg: having scored in the 1st period, this is a much better start. >> joe: fires rebound, oh, misses. >> greg: the arms were already up in the air. >> joe: it won't get any easier that be that for mother mother. -- brendan morrison. and he fires and makes the save there. >> greg: tremendous season. 14 goals. has the big winner in the shoot out against the caps.
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>> joe: and kaberle with a great first half. >> greg: that is what makes kaberle so great there and green. green skates, wants to go the over way. unleashes on high and blocks it away there. >> joe: remember the last time the capitals were in here. salaries was magnificant. keep goalies busy. >> greg: finished off by white. caps an early lead on a power play goal for ovechkin. lifted -- deflected off the boards by matt bradley.
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and around the board. ricochet comes back to the towering defender as he try to break out. and rough run by bradley as he leads back to center. must faster game that i anticipated. much faster than the previous meeting between the two teams. right now the caps are pushing the pace, which is a good sign on the road. and toms there. quickly, on the run. watch for him. will have the way he shoots the puck. releases it. slowly gets in there. roaring in. that is cut off there.
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ovechkin to backstrom. to ovechkin once more. scores! backstrom makes it 2-zip. that is one of the prettiest passes we have seen this season from the caps. just like that, over 5 minute into the hockey game, the visitors have a 2-0 lead. splendid offensivetality. what is happening in the t- zone. nick to v. in the overlap. wide open. in a is through four legs, two sticks and a whole bunch of bodies. just like that, the caps number one trio puts it in. >> joe: and the caps say they
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don't get a chance to play on the big stages of toronto or montreal very often. when they are here, they want to put on a show. 5:15 into the contest, backstrom gets the first ever goal in this game. kaberle keeps it in here. deflected down and wide. knuble, there. right there. the energy shifts, coming from jamal mayers and friends. this time he will melt it without a penalty. >> greg: i am sure he looked over at the referee for a reason and gave him a few words. he was whistled early for a delay, game penalty when he covered the puck outside the crease and he is still lips at
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that time referee. here he is. catch it is referee having it out. power play shot from ovechkin. >> joe: watch right here. nearly 3 there. toskala with a quick save. and hagman up front for wilson. >> greg: this game gets down nearly the season but they always battle back. really put them in a big hole because you know they will score. you already mentioned, they get a ton of shots, over 35 generally here at home. >> joe: and hagman will ladle this one into the corner. watch the collision along the dasher board. chris clark laid the blade to
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infer. now, fehr back to center. 6 shots on goal. the leafs have just two to this point. >> greg: doesn't that confirm my point this could be a waste of time. capitals were not able to fly in last night, but the morning flight got in at noontime. went straight to the hotel, came off to the rink for a quick warm up and are off to a wonderful start. >> greg: got the game in order. last night on the runway t plane had to turn around after the tower said they saw some sparks underneath the plane. turned around and everybody had to get on their way, get home and get ready for the 10:00 flight that took off as scheduled this morning. the capitals working a
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cycle. up middle. dangerous pass there to kessel. when wilson was the cope of the caps, he would offer fly in day of. and save g save. why not go in on game day. >> joe: and the capitals getting great review in the first few moments t. top line doing the damage. ovechkin and backstrom on the board on csn. why is travel these days about what you give up, and not what you get? like electricity, for gadget power at your seat.
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>> joe: mapleleafs fans sitting in silence. the cap have stunned them. >> greg: it has been a good start for phil kessel and the leafs. it has been a good start. 10 goals an 19 games, but he has gone dry a little bit recently, joe. if they are going to get back in this game t guy on the right, kissal, has to score some goals. >> greg: just a few moments ago the caps had a great chance for a 3-0 advantage. and the hockey pass attempted beautifully from backstrom. >> greg: yes. mark that down as a possible change in the hockey game. it would have been lights out and the fans would have been
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all over the hometown league. >> joe: career numbers for vesa toskala, who was in san jose before. another save. robbery there. >> greg: and the caps just really taking it to the least defensive unit. a window of opportunity t. cap top line getting another scoring opportunity against toskala. full coverage and a bad play there by ian white. why would a defenseman throw the puck up the middle against the number one line on the other team that has alex ovechkin and company. you have to keep it up the board. >> joe: and in the blue is jeff finger. he will turn 30 on friday. the coach would not elaborate about him earlier today.
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he was deal with bumps and bruises, but this could be a scratch. >> greg: it is always tough to scratch a player, especially of his caliber. >> joe: and alex back away there, up and behind. and washington waits for a control break out. it could easily be 4-0. you will want to make up for that. knuble and morrison both scored their first goals against toronto in october. and the blue sweater leafs are off side. >> greg: over the blew line early. there you see it, they move
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right up, along with the breaking news, who won back to -- brew wins who won back-to- back bruins, who won back-to- back games. played very well and put up decent numbers. still only 5 points back from the play-off spot. >> joe: and knuble cradled it back. let's that one go. good save for toskala. nearing the midway mark of the opening period. the big line doing the damage. ovechkin and backstrom are back- to-back. washington, a winner of four of the last five away from dc. work with the former coach, resplendent as always. >> greg: whatever that means, it sounds welcoming. >> joe: they have it all working here.
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>> greg: oh, yes. on the nhl best-dressed list. >> greg: oh, yes, for sure. >> you are very kind. >> joe: pushed back to center. icing in. take as 2-0 lead. and ponikarovsky back on to white. white fires. juicy rebound. skates to safety. perreault. back happenedder. 10:24 in. so far so very good for d. c. up by 2.
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>> joe: sometimes and early penalty goes a long way. >> greg: i said don't get in penalty trouble early in the game. must move the puck. here come it is caps umbrella on the power play. and ovechkin just a wicked slap shot as his 21st and also an assist. and toskala has 8 saves so far. tough say 2 or 3 of them were keeping the team in the game. >> joe: ovechkin, throughout his five year in the nhl has been a wonderful fire-starter, and igniter of the offense.
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he did it again, scored a goal for the 8th time this season. white, green together. and morrison sends it on through. backstrom should and he will. ovechkin flying past. right to the waiting white. shawn shawn in -- shaone morrisonn in tight quarters. and handling the puck, ovechkin sends that one on a hop. a lot of starch on it. >> i love the movement of the top 3 at the goal. they are really moving their bodies. sort of like a harlem globetrotter's criss-cross sequence. >> joe: if you are just tuning in, ovechkin and backstrom on
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the board. back hander there. out of the air, by michal neuvirth. caps in front by 2. leading in a number of ways when you look at the nhl plus/minus leaders. >> greg: looking there, and there is the sergeant. i salute him in his plus/minus, joe. terrific. simplefying the game, staying back, really getting the red light and staying home. misses wide. >> joe: and they had return there. >> greg: even better than the first one as he came right across.
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look at him using the glove, neuvirth showing signs of that in the 1st. >> joe: a 21-year-old czech. another draft pick of the capitals 06. turned out to be quite nice. matt bradley will spill it on the toronto half. laich organizes with otherwise. and -- otherwise. names there. -- otherwise. i thought they usually get home work calls, joe, here in
7:39 pm
toronto. the one goal here compliments of ovechkin. >> greg: and down wide. able to wrap it off the boards, all the way. as green swings t break out begins. right on target for brooks laich who leads the team to the power play goals. challenge by primeau. ovechkin takes it on the hop.
7:40 pm
and ready for that. up high in the air. site it, backstrom come to get it. walks in, back to green. fires, deflected by white. good speed on the corner. 2-1 play. save it is game. oh, a save! and to the end we go. ovechkin on the white pattern. green kept it in. washington still in the pour play. 34 more seconds. brendan morrison there. serves it for green. he will distribute it, offer the blade of alex ovechkin. love it is gun much along the
7:41 pm
wall. great plays like that, you have to bring that mean streak to each and every game if he is going to stay on the back line. >> greg: just to goish 16 minute to go in the opening period. >> greg: and ovechkin there. fehr looking for another one. leads it, 3-3. magman. one more to mare in the -- metro area in the -- metro area in the penalty box. may year. -- mayer. early on he struggled. and ovechkin had a hold on to bradley. and hagman take it is ricochet. gets the fingers crossed, recovers and says enough of
7:42 pm
this. wilson changes him up. and bradley through center. and matt bradley lurking with chris, scored into him. blake a road runner down the wing. playing an nhl game in the 700- 6789 comes up high to. the boards they go. and didn't pull the trigger. and the fellow russian drops it off for kiss. deflected high. and up to bradley, all the way down. wash out any potential icing. on and on they go. without a whistle. too strongly.
7:43 pm
green. right side leader. peers inside. had if lane. huge collision behind the plait. collided with one another. perreault there. open hoeing to get an interference penalty called. they did not against tomas fleischmann. come together. fleischmann apparently is good to go after that bump. washington has a 2-0 advantage with 3:38 to go in the opening period. keep your head up. watch out for staging. it is bumpy.
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>> joe: well back here. caps the playing defense, defense, defense, and when you look at the caps defensemen, mike green is the cream of the crop, 175. one of my teammates, dates. here in washington, during his late scoring game. >> joe: and green surpassed it by 60 points in his eloquent
7:46 pm
career. >> greg: mike green checking his numbers. always good. all-star, offensive producttivity has process onlied something fierce. >> greg: it is all about skating, and the game, once it opened up, mike green came onto the forefront during a more wide open game. and after a lock out, all of a sudden the game has just blossomed. 2:52 to go in the opening stanza. anoas and backstrom with the goals. -- ovechkin and backstrom. about 25 feet from the net. he wasn't going dive on it. if you missed it, he was called for a delayed game the first couple of minutes. backstrom just which he hassals
7:47 pm
around this one. getting help from the team. becomes a time where both mans touch up for an icing against d. c. nice red wide and blue package under the tree, nice gloves, considering the weather is turning cold all over the place. orchestrateing the team ability there. vancouver getting ready for the upcoming olympics.
7:48 pm
>> joe: and alexander semin and alex ovechkin 2-2. oh, a surprise for ovechkin. a high slot. this one will force washington to rewind. a passing display, isn't it. >> greg: you see a lot of interchanges between ovechkin and semin, which makes it so difficult to contend with defensively. you can see him coming up the right side just like he did moments ago. so they interchange. either one is as confident on the right side as they are on the left side. >> joe: and brendan morrison on the near side, turning out to be a counter attack for toronto. watch nhl on back cast sports net. staging. knuble going the other
7:49 pm
direction. back by jeff finger. brendan morrison -- shaone morrisonn late. rewind button by the waps. over to bren don morrison. beautiful. >> greg: i don't think we have seen a better passing period from this caps team all season long, joe. >> greg: 2-0 washington. and kaberle turn. 8 seconds to go. bradley there jumping in. that is where the 1st period coming to a conclusion.
7:50 pm
washington, well, this you go. otherwise on the power play. backstrom following him and the top line leading the way for washington off to the dressing room after 20 minutes, leading by 2. next, our intermission live is coming up soon. a feature on one of versus new television shows, "sports jobs", stats and highlights coming your way. oh, you do have a telestrator. you sneaky little devil. >> greg: i just put it in the corner. [ laughing ] >> greg: stay with us. interlive is next.
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>> joe: coming your way on comcast sportsnet, the mapleleafs nation would love to celebrate the stanley cup. the last one coming way back in 1967. after 20 minutes of play, the caps are up by 2. a new show recently hit the air on versus titled "sports jobs." junior sayer is the host. he learn it is ropes with the caps equipment managers. >> greg: this is a team game, but the caps are best known as
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a 2-time superbowl player. >> joe: alex cut his stick now. but the team wants more length. buddy, i guess size really does matter. >> greg: some guys go around
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with the size, some with the educate height height. the grip is just as important. >> greg: each guy has his own personal style. >> greg: now, we are going to get off the bench and show you where it goes. >> greg: they have lockers just for sticks. i wish i had a locker for my helmet. >> greg: taking care of these sticks is an art, but packing them is a big job. you think you have packed for a trip before? check this out? put the hanger town, fold it in half, tuck and roll.
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it is not my fault. you have to tuck and roll. shut the lid. >> greg: shut the lid. >> greg: take it away. >> 41 regular seasons games away can make for one, long strange trip. as a player, sometimes you have to be reminded of the sacrifices they guys make for a team. >> this year i think we will be playing 20 back-to-back games. >> that is tough on the family. you never get that time back. go away for a 10-day trip. i come back and my daughter looks so cute, toy watch her on the camcorder to see what she did when i was a away, took her first steps, and what. >> hey, buddy, can i get a luggage cart? oh, i forgot, i am the
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luggage cart. >> here we go. >> yep. >> you are good to go. >> all right. on the plane we go! >> sorry, buddy. trust me, , jr. had a great picks for how hard the equipment managers and medical guys -- >> greg: hold on, do you bring your guitar on road? >> greg: that was my guitar. i am a roady. hang on, we are back next. your miller lite? oh man... ( mumbling ) how high is the cliff? do you love the taste of your beer this much?
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no fairy? announcer: there's no magic to improving your credit. but there's help and it's free. go to comedian: stroke's no joke. >> joe: tampa bay is the only southeast division team not in action tonight. the southeast division leaders most definitely are in action. washington a


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